Location & Building

Construction schedule and current work in progress

In the following, we provide information on the planned construction process and current work in progress.
Status Feburary 2024

Current work in progress

until February 2024
Finalisation of shell work

until June 2024
Timber construction
approx. 2 deliveries of timber construction elements per day
NOTE: Work in assembly week from Monday to Thursday from approx. 08:00 to 20:00 in the evening. Construction floodlights will illuminate the construction site starting at dusk

Construction schedule

Construction times for the CiiM building are scheduled as follows:

Q1/2022 - Q1/2023: Preliminary work and preparation of construction site
Q1/2023 - Q2/2023: Construction site setup
Q1/2023 - Q2/2023: Ground work
Q1/2023 - Q1/2024: Structural work
Q2/2023 - Q3/2024: Timber construction work
Q4/2023 - Q2/2024: Facade work
Q4/2023 - Q2/2024: Roof work
Q1/2024 - Q4/2024: Dry construction
Q2/2024 - Q4/2024: Interior construction
Q4/2024 - Q1/2025: Initial operation


Dr Jennifer Debarry
Dr Jennifer Debarry
Head of Office - CiiM