CiiM Lecture Series

CiiM Lecture Series

Internationally renowned scientists from the field of Personalised Medicine are invited to the CiiM Lecture Series. It aims to bring together all scientists and doctors interested in personalised medicine from the various disciplines and specialisations at the site. The main focus is on the dialogue with the invited speakers about the specific challenges for the realisation of individualised infection medicine.

Past Events:

10 October 2019
Mihai Netea
Trained immunity: a memory for innate host defense

& Leo Joosten
Urate Induced Epigenetic Reprogramming in Myeloid cells


08 May 2019
Ugur Sahin
Individualized Cancer Immunotherapy


03 April 2019
Tobias May, InSCREENeX & Dagmar Wirth 
Cohorts-in-a-dish personalized cell lines for individualized medicine


26 February 2018
Nisar Malek
Personalization in the medicine of the future: Opportunities and risks


14 August 2017
Christoph Huber
Individualised Cancer Therapy – what can we learn for individualised infection medicine (and what not?)