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Individualized medicine

Medicine has always strived to understand the specifics of each patient in order to provide the best possible individualized treatment. In this context, it has become increasingly clear in recent years that the success of a treatment depends to a large extent on the patient's molecular profile, i.e., the molecular and cellular makeup that has been shaped by genes or other influences.

The emerging field of individualized medicine, also known as personalized or precision medicine, aims to use this knowledge for the benefit of the patient and to derive the best possible treatment on the basis of scientifically based markers.

The special nature of infectious medicine

In infection medicine, different levels of individuality must be taken into account:

  • Individual characteristics of each patient, including the microorganisms colonizing him or her, the so-called microbiome, determine susceptibility to infection and the severity of the course of infection.
  • The pathogens themselves can develop specific characteristics such as resistance, which therapy must take into account.
  • And finally, the efficacy of drugs and therapies depends on the individual parameters of the patient, his or her microbiome, the pathogens and the mutual dynamic interaction.

We take this into account in our program and address the different aspects.

We take this into account in our program and address the various aspects.