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Groundbreaking for the Centre for Individualised Infection Medicine (CiiM)

"The COVID-19 pandemic has just shown us how important infection research and personalised medicine are - and that research findings need to to be transferred more quickly from bench to bedside," said Lower Saxony's Science Minister Falko Mohrs. “The life sciences are…

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Infection Biology

Microbial communities consisting of bacteria, fungi and viruses colonize all surfaces of the human body. They are referred to in their entirety as the microbiome. The composition of the microbiome varies between individuals and also within an individual in the course of life. Important influencing factors at the beginning of life are the mode of birth and diet, later the intake of antibiotics and medication as well as long-term diets, the state of health, but also sport and stress play a role. In recent years, a large number of studies have begun to investigate the extent to which the microbiome and its changes actively contribute to our health and the development of diseases. For various diseases, it has been shown in animal models and clinical studies that certain changes in the microbiome influence either the development or the course of e.g. chronic inflammatory bowel diseases or susceptibility to infections. This has led to the development of novel microbiome-based therapies that are currently being investigated in animal models and clinical studies. Prof. Strowig's department uses interdisciplinary approaches from microbiological, immunological and bioinformatic methods to gain a molecular understanding of the complex interactions between the intestinal microbiome and the host. The knowledge that can be gained from this forms an important cornerstone for the development of new individual prevention and therapy approaches. The close cooperation between the MHH and HZI at the CiiM will enable research results from basic research to be transferred more directly into practice in the future. One example is the successful establishment of a microbiome analysis platform, which is essential for researching the influence of the host's microbiome on its susceptibility to infections and has already been used for various patient cohorts (RESIST-SeniorIndividuals, LöwenKIDS). Another example is the identification of specific microbiome components that can be used in preclinical models to prevent colonization with disease-promoting bacteria.


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Data protection Data protection Thank you for your interest in our website. The Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (HZI) takes the protection of personal data very seriously. It is possible to use our website without providing any personal data. This…



D-SOLVE EU-Project Logo D-SOLVE The path to personalised hepatitis D treatment Hepatitis D is by far the most severe form of chronic viral hepatitis frequently leading to liver failure, hepatocellular carcinoma and death. However, there is very limited…



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Herrenhausen Symposium

Event Archive Herrenhausen Symposium Individualised Infection Medicine: The Future is Now Infektionen sind nach wie vor eine der Haupttodesursachen weltweit. Individuell zugeschnittene Vorsorge und Therapien versprechen neue Heilungsmöglichkeiten. Wie aber…


What is Individualised Medicine?

What is Individualised Medicine? Topics What is Individualised Medicine? In medicine, the development and application of therapies with maximum efficacy and minimum side effects remains a fundamental challenge. In fact, approved therapies and medicines…


CiiM Lecture Series

Event Archive CiiM Lecture Series Internationally renowned scientists from the field of Personalised Medicine are invited to the CiiM Lecture Series. It aims to bring together all scientists and doctors interested in personalised medicine from the various…


Characteristics of Individualised Infection Medicine

Characteristics of Individualised Infection Medicine The page is under construction.